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CS184/284A Spring 2018 - Final Project Showcase

In spring 2018, the class produced over 60 team projects. Teams had broad flexibility over 4 weeks to investigate a topic of their interest, and final projects ranged over topics that included rendering, simulation, geometric modeling and processing, imaging and machine learning. The projects below were selected as Showcase Winners, Artistic Mentions, and Honorable Mentions. Thanks to all the students for your hard work, and a special congratulations to the teams recognized below.

Showcase Winners

Awarded to projects for outstanding technical achievement, originality, creativity and compelling results.

Smoke Simulator | Team: Rachel Bhadra, Kenneth Tsai, Jonathan Ngan

Realistic Hair Rendering | Team: Jonathan Briggs, Nick Shen, Xiling Xia

3D Position Based Fluid Rendering and Surfacing | Team: YiDing Jiang, Gauthier Dieppedalle, Utkarsh Singhal

Computational Vacuum Forming with Conformal Mapping | Team: Karthik Gopalan, Rachel Lee, James Lin

Raymarched Microgeometry on Triangle Meshes | Team: James Fong, Brian Lei, Peter Manohar

Snow Simulation | Team: Yang Ding, Luowen Qian, Hai Zhang

Artistic Mention

Real Time Path Tracing with Implicit Geometries Defined by Distance Functions | Team: Diyu Luo, Jiejun Luo, Zhuo Lu

Honorable Mention

Accelerating Fluid Simulation | Team: Kuan Lu, Rongbing Zhou, Chang Chu-Ming

Rendering Worlds With Two Triangles | Team: Kasra Ferdowsifard, Yuxi Feng, Grace Lightner

Virtual Reality Bullet Hell | Team: Caleb Wyllie, Jonathan Tan, Ray Pan

Sketchy Rendering | Team: Serena Jiang, Jacob Holesinger, Andrew Xu

Dynamic Physics System | Team: Gan Tu, Michael Gibbes, Noah Jacobs

PIC/FLIP Water Sim | Team: Tianrui Chen, Matthew Wu, Riku Miyao