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Lecture 15: Cameras & Lenses (22)

When it comes to camera use, there are three main ways to change the fov. The first is to change the distance from the lens to the object. The second is to replace the lens with lens of a different focal length. The third is to just change the sensor size. When it comes to this last point, what would happen if we changed the type of lens? For example, what if we just used varifocal lens or a zoom lens?


Is there a relationship between the clarity and precision of a camera with the focal length?


@lwg0320 As the focal length increases, the depth of field shortens dramatically and thus you would need much more accurate focusing in order to capture a sharp image.


Can we still use our pinhole camera model matrices for our projections onto a flat image plane in these situations? One would imagine not—so how do we usually "parametrize" these transforms?


I'm not sure if the distortion introduces nonlinearity

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