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Lecture 15: Cameras & Lenses (62)

This is a great video from the Slow Mo Guys' second channel were they talk about some of the challenges of high speed videography.

Specifically, he talks a lot about how much light the sensor requires because they are shooting at such incredibly low shutter speeds. This issue commands a lot of their setup for each shot as they are try to shoot in the daylight or under super bright lights. Using studio lights can also be an issue because unless they are using super large tungsten or HMI lights, they will probably flicker on the camera. A small flicker might ruin the entire length of their shot!

Another consequence of this is that they must use really fast lenses. I believe in the video they mention an f1.6 lens. However, having a lens that wide open also greatly reduces the focus plane, which can make it hard to get a sharp shot. There is a lot to balance here!


The more detail we're capturing in a moment, the more we have to "balance". It sort of just reminds me of a microscope where in order to see smaller and smaller things the technology gets exponentially more complicated.

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