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Lecture 15: Cameras & Lenses (86)

The out-of-focus points of light are sometimes referred to as bokeh; the shape of the bokeh is heavily affected by the shape of the camera lens.


It's really easy to change the shape of the bokeh on your lens with just a piece of paper in front of the lens! It can be pretty fun and also make for nice photography that stands out.

There are also some older lenses (and a few newer ones I suppose, but they are difficult to find) that have 5 or 6 aperture blades which naturally create pentagon or hexagon bokeh. Can also be quite pretty and desirable!


This also reminds me of something that is a kind of silly example but which I can't quite figure out: they make fun glasses that do the same thing to your vision:

The idea around these is that if you wear them, Christmas lights will be shaped like the cutouts on the 3D glasses. I guess since your eye is functionally a camera this makes sense, but I'm curious if these work in the same way that cutting paper bokeh works as well, or if it's more/less complex for human eyes.

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