Lecture 16: Camera & Lenses Cont. (57)

Is this similar to how portait mode works on phone cameras?


I think apple takes a more ML-based approach (image segmentation) rather than physically modifying the sensor to selectively blur. This article is pretty interesting if you want to explore further: https://machinelearning.apple.com/research/panoptic-segmentation


Thanks for sharing the article above! I've always wondered how Portrait Mode works on Apple devices. I wonder why it's necessary for to use a software approach rather than camera settings (such as lowering the f-stop on a DSLR) for phone cameras today--is it due to the size limitations of the lenses/sensors on a mobile phone?


Yup, focal length is inversely proportional to depth of field and sensor size is proportional to field of view. Phones need a short focal length in order to get a standard field of view, meaning they have a wide depth of field. This prevents you from doing optical background blur.

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