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Lecture 7: Intro to Geometry, Splines, and Bezier Curves (78)

fun fact, adobe illustrator uses bezier curves for its pen tool (what this image reminded me of) - its hard to get used to at first, but it's very fun to play around and try drawing things by moving around the anchor points. (also fun:


Good observation!


It is also a very powerful tool within programs such as Premiere Pro or After Effects, which are useful for smoothing keyframe interpolation, animation, camera movements, etc. It provides many advantages over traditional techniques and offers much more control over the scene.


I used to have a lot of trouble when using Bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator: I didn't know its working mechanism at that time, and I relied on hand-drawn lines on other devices as I could take better control at that time. Now that I know Bezier Curves work with tangent lines and I understand how those breakpoints work, it may be a good idea for me to draw something smooth and truly controllable!

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