In Spring 2021, the class of CS184 produced almost 70 team projects. Teams had broad flexibility over 4 weeks to investigate a topic of their interest, and final projects ranged over topics that included rendering, simulation, geometric modeling and processing, computational imaging, and machine learning.

The projects below were selected as Showcase Winners and Honorable Mentions. Thanks to all the students for your hard work, and a special congratulations to the teams recognized below!

Projects are alphabetically listed.

Showcase Winners

Clouds on Demand: Parameterized Procedural Generation of Cloud-like Graphics by Roman Taylor, Zachary Young, William Dai, and Callam Ingram

Deviant 3D by Calvin Wong, Rafael Ostrea, Sambodh Mitra, and Chris Park

Flock, Low-depth Ocean, and Wave Simulation by Pongsatorn Chanpanichravee, Michael Ganzorig, and Yu Jia Xu

Interactive Viewer for Rigged NeRFs by Chenyue Cai, Hang Gao, Alex Yu, and Gaoyue Zhou

Music-reactive Real-time Fire Simulation by Henry Allen, Priyanka Kargupta, Hannah Ku, and Amber Xie

Realistic Underwater Rendering by Anthony Patitucci, Charlie Zhang, Dani Swords, and Rahul Desai

Subsurface Scattering by Jeffrey Ni, Andy Wu, Kevin Yu, and Jemmy Zhou

Honorable Mentions

Interactive Flocking Simulation by Huibo Yang, Sainan Chen, Tianqi Yang, and Yizhou Chi

Iridescence by Sydnie Shea Cohen, Ada Hu, Eugene Lee, and Daniel Tseng

Lava Lamp Simulation by Alyssa Lau, Jessica Plotkin, Jonathan Liu, and Zoe Zhang

Liquid Music by Alston Chan, Jamie Ip, Kai Amelung, and Robin Qiu

Real-time Fluid-based Music Analyzer by Lloyd Brown, Yinan Chen, Sophie Wu, and Weiyan Zhu

Rendering the Aurora by Nicholas Ngai, Austin Nguyen, Darren Omori, and Constance Shi

Smoke Simulation on the Surface of 3D Manifolds by Kevin Zhang, Charles Sun, Catherine Cang, and Alex Kassil