Lecture 15: Cameras & Lenses (33)

In 194-26, Prof. Efros gave some additional tips about taking great pictures. https://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs194-26/fa20/Lectures/postmodern.pdf

The tip that I found the most valuable was to use framing like windows and arches to give the picture depth and draw the viewer's eye to the subject.

We can use zoom and focal length in order to frame the subject by zooming in and decreasing focal length to remove extra background and focus on the subject.


I wonder with our phone camera, how can we choose a good perspective relationship between subject and background. I'm not very familiar with photography. I know that the camera allows people to change different lenses with different focal length. But can we also achieve this effect on phone camera?


Wondering how to get best lighting effects for photography?


As you zoom in/out, you may also want to move with your camera in order to keep the object strong.

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