Lecture 16: Light Field Cameras (59)

This is the main reason that the camera modules on modern smartphones aren't flat as they used to be. Some high-end phones today are even equipped with reflection mirrors inside the module to increase the effective focus length.


Just inspired from this photo, I'm curious what's the use of multiple lenses of the phones. For example, the latest version of iphone has two such lenses. I guess it can increase the quality of photos. But in which aspect it can improve?


@han20192019, I think the purpose of having more lenses is to mimic our own eyes, that can have a better sense of distance and also provide algorithms to mitigate our hands' shaking.


I think some are used for different levels of magnification as well!


https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/10/why-does-the-new-iphone-11-pro-have-3-cameras/#:~:text=On%20the%20back%20of%20the,better%20your%20picture%20can%20be.&text=But%20the%20iPhone%20Pro%20has,of%2013mm%2C%2052mm%20and%2026mm this article talks a bit about why the newer phones have more lenses. They actually combine data collected from each lens, so its not just 1 lens used per photo

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