Lecture 4: Transforms (23)

It seems like we can only translate points and not vectors because of the zero. Is this true? Also, I was reading that w can be 2 or something here as long as x/w and y/w = x and y in the old coordinates. Is that true? Thanks!


I think we can translate vectors as well because the resulting matrix will be [[x + t_y], [y+t_y], [0]] and that would be a 2D vector as shown in the slide. During the lecture, I also believe it was mentioned that the operation here is valid as long as the w-coordinate of the result is a 1 or a 0


@c4554ndr4 @claudiakorea I believe translation does not have an effect on vectors because the 00 element causess the last column of the translation matrix to be 00 as well. It's also true that one can scale a point so that ww is any number. To get the original vector back, one can multiply it by 1/w1/w.


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