Lecture 4: Transforms (87)

Why are we scaling the vector water multiplying it by M? Is this just so M looks nicer? Or is this the only way to write it in homogenous coordinates?


I am confused... If we can get (xd/z yd/z d 1)T from (x y z z/d)T, why couldn't we get (xd/z yd/z d)T directly from (x y z)T by multiplying every element by d/z but using matrix multiplication?


@SainanChen: I think there is no easy way to multiply z by d/z directly, since d/z is a term containing z itself. But using homogenous coordinates solves this problem, and many other operations can also be done by matrix multiplications too!


@wcyjames Exactly! This is so that MM doesn't have to change with respect to every possible zz.

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