Lecture 5: Texture Mapping (18)

How do you figure out the interpolated color at some point based on the RGB values at the corners and Barycentric coordinates at that point? There's a question about it on the discussion about I couldn't find a discussion video for it.


In the lecture, someone in the chat asked why we need the gamma term when calculating the value of V. It was answered that we overparameterize when solving for V and that the rank of this is actually 2D, but I'm still unsure why we need to overparameterize when the coordinate system doesn't have a rank of 3? Thanks!


Alpha here is simply the proportion of V to A compared to BC to A. Multiplying alpha with the RGB value of A and repeat the process for B and C should give the interpolated color at an inner point. Overparameterizing here is for the simplicity of computation.

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