Lecture 5: Texture Mapping (44)

Are there times when we would prefer jaggies over supersampling. I'm not sure why, but my eyes prefer the photo on the left because the super sampled one kinda just looks blurry. Do our brains do something to infer straight lines from jaggies?


For years I had no idea what the antialias setting in games did. Now I know why I should always keep it off to avoid lag.


The left side is the "high-res reference", which means it is the ground truth here (without aliasing). The right side image is limited by its low resolution, so it needs to anti-alias to avoid jaggies.


Yup. I think there's a transition in this slide that doesn't show as a image, but in lecture there's a comparison that shows the jaggy and moire version on the right.


Supersampling is an expensive operation.


@dtseng1529 Personally I would definitely keep the antialias setting on! Careful here. 512x supersampling is one way to antialias, not the only way. In the remainder of lecture, we talk about another, very common way to antialias texture mapping -- mipmaps with trilinear interpolation. That is much more efficient than brute-force supersampling as shown here, very common, works fantastically, but does have weak spots.


@RCD-Y. The comparison you describe is on this lecture slide.

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