Lecture 9: Ray Tracing (2)

The lighting on the surface of the wine is really, really interesting! If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the rim of the glass on the surface of the wine itself, which is a really neat effect.


Also, the lighting of the chocolate creams on the sponge cake looks amazingly real: The texture of the cream, the different direction of shinning lines on the cream, etc. Even we can see that the nearest cream blocked by the cup has no/less shinny parts.


I'm very interested in learning how to compute refraction. The napkin is visible through the liquid in the glass on the right but the light bouncing off the napkin is refracted and tinted to the liquid and its color.


I am interested in the different colors of the grapes. They look similar but not exactly the same. The grape in front of the cup is in shadow and looks dark, while the grape near the cupcake has refractions.




It seems that different objects have different refraction patterns! Cool


It seems like all the materials have their own way of reflecting the light source. I would be interested in learning how that's implemented.

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