In Spring 2022, the class of CS184 produced almost 70 team projects. Teams had broad flexibility over 4 weeks to investigate a topic of their interest, and final projects ranged over topics that included rendering, simulation, geometric modeling and processing, computational imaging, and machine learning.

The projects below were selected as Showcase Winners and Honorable Mentions. Thanks to all the students for your hard work, and a special congratulations to the teams recognized below!

Projects are alphabetically listed.

Showcase Winners

Pixel Particle Palooza by Nathan Jew, Nicholas Nolte, Cindy Wang, Danny Yu

Storms & Dunes: A Particle Simulation of Aeolian processes

Musical MPM: An Accessible, Lightweight, Visually Appealing Material Point Method Simulator for the Web by Annie Wang, Ethan Lee, Kevin Li, and Micah Young

Agent-based crowd simulation for Architectural plan optimization and evaluation by Kaleab Belete, Xinwei Zhuang, Tristan Streichenberge, Gregoria Millensifer

Fractal Factory by Kyle Zhang, Shreyas Kompalli, Aram Kazorian, Linda Deng

Realistic Water Simulation with Spray, Foam, and Bubbles by Marcus Lee, Joshua Chen, Fourth Terrakapibal, Calvin Pham

Windsock by Crystal Wang, Arushi Somani, Ashley Chu, Manaal Siddqui

Honorable Mentions

Efficient ray-tracing of moving light sources by Sofia Sun, Shawn Huang, Aekus Bhathal, Bernard Chen

Realistic Lens Simulation by Alex Hao, Arthur Yin, Cindy Chen, Hanchen Wang

Progressive Photon Mapping by Hansung Kim, Linyue Song, Rahul Arya, Sean Murphy

Soccer Ball Simulation by Saagar Sanghavi, Rishi Parikh, Raiymbek Akshulakov, Yersultan Sapar

Scene2Mesh by Alexander Kristoffersen, Gautam Mittal, Aditya Ganapathi, Mark Presten