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Ren Ng


Rishi Upadhyay
Anjali Thakrar (she/her)
Hi! I'm a 3rd year EECS major & one of the head TAs! Feel free to reach out anytime, looking forward to a great semester! :)
Hang Gao
Hi guys, I am Hang and I'm a thrid year PhD student at EECS doing research in computer vision and graphics. I enjoy reading and hiking around the bay area. Hope y'all have fun with triangles, rays and colors in CS184!
Xinyun Cao
Hello, I am a 4th-year Computer Science and Cognitive Science Major and Music Minor. I am interested in Graphics, Game Dev, VR/AR and HCI. My hobbies include singing and guitar.
Emily Ma (she/her/hers)
Hi everyone! I'm a 4th year undergrad majoring in CS and Astrophysics. Some of my hobbies are running, painting, and puzzles. Excited to meet everyone!
Michael Ren
Hi! I'm a 3rd year studying math and computer science. Looking forward to a great time this semester!
Ajay Jain
Hi all, I'm a 3rd year PhD student in EECS working on machine learning, especially making it easier to create creative content with generative models. My hobbies include cooking, hiking and kayaking.
Matt Tancik
Divi Schmidt (she/her/hers)
Mark Zhang
Hi! I'm a 4th year CS major. Currently spending too much time in osu and beat saber. (。・∀・)ノ゙ Looking forward to a great semester with y'all!