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Lecture 7: Intro to Geometry, Splines, and Bezier Curves (87)

How is t determined? I understand it must be between 0 and 1 but how do we decide which t value to evaluate the curve by? If we iterate through t values, what should we increment t by to produce the best linear interpolation?


t can be viewed as the parameter of Bezier curve's parametric equation. Basically when t increases from 0 to 1, the point on the curve is moving from the starting point to the end point.


^ here is a helpful gif that shows the t value increasing, with the point on the curve moving from start to end


Consider the following:

steps = 10 a = bezier(0.0) for i = 1 ; i <= steps; i++ b = bezier(float(i)/steps) draw_line(a,b) a = b

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