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Lecture 13: Global Illumination and Path Tracing (20)

Note that this is trivially just the equation that came from the last slide, just with f_r and L_r on opposite sides of the equals sign and integrated.


This equation looks like the irradiance because to compute the direct reflection on a certain point we need all other angles as well to figure out how much each ray will contribute to the point that we're looking at.


What is H2H^2 in this equation? I think it might be the hemisphere? but I'm not certain.


Yes, I think H^2 just means the hemishpere.


It looks like that the only difference between this slide and the equation calculating irradiance is that this equation has an extra fr() term. Observe that in irradiance equation, there is nothing relevant to the outgoing direction. Does it mean that the irradiance is of any object is always the same regardless of the direction?

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