This page will be updated throughout the semester with course resources.

Student Guides

The Student Handbook contains information on creating an account for this site, making comments, and creating/building/submitting assignments. (#2)

What follows is a list of articles written to help you with projects, deepen your understanding, or introduce you to new topics!

  • Images as Data - How are images stored? What is a color to a computer? How can we manipulate and interact with images through programs?
  • Math Resources - References to external mathematics resources, derivations, etc., as well as how they tie in to this course and how they're useful for graphics.
  • C++ Basics - Tips and tricks to get you started with C++ programming
  • Texturing Tangents - We got some basic exposure to texturing in our Rasterizer project, but there's a lot more to explore! Pathtracing yields great, realistic shadows right out of the box -- but how can we achieve similar effects with rasterization techniques? How can we create random-ness in scenes and images, without hand-manipulating all the elements? This + more!

Discussion Worksheets

week date worksheet solution
1 01/22 - 01/23 No discussion this week N/A
2 01/29 - 01/30 C++ Review via Convolution link
3 02/05 - 02/06 Sampling, Transforms, & Texture Mapping link
4 02/12 - 02/13 Splines & Curves link
5 02/19 - 02/20 Halfedges & Ray Intersections link
6 02/26 - 02/27 Ray Tracing & Radiometry pdf slides
7 03/05 - 03/06 Probability & Monte Carlo Integration link
8 03/12 - 03/13 Pathtracing & Review N/A