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Lecture 18: Physical Simulation (15)

Can someone please explain why the force is acting on particle b? If you move b to the right (in the positive direction) the force a->b is positive but shouldn't b be forced in the negative direction?


I'm pretty sure the force is acting on particle a, contrary to the a->b subscript on f. On the previous slide during lecture, the professor explained that f a->b was acting on a, as b-a denotes the vector pulling a towards b, which is the force acting on a due to the spring pulling the particles together. Following that same logic, this force looks at b-a = vector pulling a towards b = force acting on particle a


I think the a->b subscript on f is supposed to mean that a is getting pulled toward b.


This should oscillate forever but we use this formula when calculating the spring correction forces in project 4. Why is endless oscillation not an issue in the project?

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