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Lecture 19: Introduction to Color Science (51)

In elementary/middle school art class, I was taught that the primary colors were yellow, blue, and red. I was a little curious as to why RGB was chosen as a basis instead of yellow, blue, and red, but apparently it's partially due to the physical properties of paint which favor a subtractive color system (whereas our displays/monitor tradition favors an additive system) and also partially due to tradition. (Source:


This reminds me the reason why the red light indecates "stop"


@sunsarah, thanks for linking that article! Apart from what you mentioned it also taught me something new - even know the cone cells in our eyes detect RBG, we can see millions of colors because of the cone cells can also detect a bit of other colors, and we see the "combination" of all those colors! Thus, the color systems that work best are those that have its basis in RGB!

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