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Lecture 19: Introduction to Color Science (8)

The high-level idea behind how these glasses work is that they act like a filter which removes the "overlapping" part of the two colors that cause confusion, and only allow the wavelengths farthest apart from each other to pass through. This makes the colors more easily identifiable.


theres a quick color blind test on their website which I thought was fun to do.


If the person is already color blind, then does the enchroma product actually let the color blind see the real colors? I'd imagine that product only helps them differentiate the colors better, but as a result ends up exaggerating the colors.


I believe that color blindness can occur in different areas of the whole visual process — red/green color blindness, for example, is due to lacking M and L cone receptors, while lesions in the visual v4 cortex of the brain can also cause color blindness as it affects the "processing" of the receptor's signals. I wonder if these glasses only address both of these causes, or only just one.


I'm colorblind! Although after taking the test a while ago (I found this company in high school) they determined that these glasses wouldn't work for me. :(


Pretty awesome!

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