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Lecture 21: Image Sensors (40)

On the other hand, you can see what horrible DIY HDR imaging looks like here:

I'm guessing problem with the images on that subreddit (which all have the same "off" feeling) is that they stretch the range of color values far beyond what is natural, making the image look artificial and "too colorful". I'm interested to know what parameters exactly they are getting wrong though.


Part of the 'off' factor for me is that it almost seems like there aren't enough shadows or natural contrasts of color? It's like the colors have been smeared together and brushed over and the resulting images look like paintings that ignored physically realistic lighting effects


Some of the horrible DIY HDR images from the reddit link look really terrible haha. The HDR in image is pretty cool, I think it allowed the little mountains in the very back to look pretty nice. Though I feel like the extreme contrast between the exposures on the right and left side of the image makes the image look slightly off?


To me, it makes it look a lot like a painting for some reason. Like a stylistic effect from one of the filters in Photoshop. How does HDR even come into effect here?


In my perspective, it actually looks like this picture was photoshopped and went through some filter because the sky doesn't actually match the color of either of the previous photos sky (it's like purple blue instead of blue blue). Is that also an after effect of HDR or was that manually done as well?

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