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Lecture 21: Image Sensors (70)

While these images are similar and it's difficult to see the effect of the anti-aliasing filter, as stated in lecture there is some red and green coloration in the glass railing in the bottom image without the filter. This is an aliasing effect, and it is noticeably less apparent in the image with the filter.


I remember in class it was noted that we don't really have the anti-aliasing filter in cameras as much anymore because the pixel count is so high. Doesn't that mean that inevitably, in some of our photos, we'd have some aliasing that would've been preventable with the filter?


@dtseng, although that would be a good point, I was under the assumption that if we did use a BSI instead of FSI sensor, we should be able to "remove" the effect of an imperfect fill factor. In this case, we would have removed some aliasing in our photos with the camera. However, I am curious as to how they would anti-alias the effect of color sub sampling in the color filter array...

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