Lecture 19: Introduction to Character Animations (11)

Is the lower case t a translation vector? Also, does it make sense to have translations still? I feel like intuitively if you have translations as well, that could possibly separate the bones and instead I was thinking it should be rotation over various axes.


is there a reason that this is the undeformed configuration? Its not really a natural pose, so to me I would think picking a rest post that is more common would save time on occasion


@ briana-jin-zhang The lower case t is indeed a translation vector. It's needed because we're transforming from bone space to model space. If instead it's a transformation in model space, then rotation is needed while translation is not.


@daniswords: great question, it really is case/application dependent. But T-pose and A-pose are common. You want to make sure there's no contact between body parts.

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