Lecture 7: Splines and Bezier Curves (80)

Do the curves from Hermite and Catmull-Rom also fulfill the convex hull property?


I was also wondering about that ^ I looked it up and online it says that both Hermite and Catmull-Rom does not guarantee the convex hull property. One online source helped me understand it a bit better, "For planar curves, imagine that each control point is a nail pounded into a board. The shape a rubber band would take on when snapped around the control points is the convex hull. For Bezier curves whose control points do not all lie in a common plane, imagine the control points are tiny balls in space, and image the shape a balloon will take on if it collapses over the balls. This shape is the convex hull in that case." Source: https://people.eecs.ku.edu/~jrmiller/Courses/IntroToCurvesAndSurfaces/BezierCurveProperties.html

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