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Mon Jun 22

[Watch] 2. Drawing Triangles

Wed Jul 1

[Q&A] Open Q&A on Lectures 2-7

[Watch] 9. Bezier Curves and Surfaces

Fri Jul 3

[Watch] 11. Geometry Processing

Project 1 Due

Mon Jul 6

[Watch] 12. Intro to Raytracing

[Watch] 13. Accelerating Raytracing

Wed Jul 8

[Q&A] Open Q&A

[Watch] 15. Monte Carlo Integration

Fri Jul 10

[Watch] 17. Path Tracing

Project 2 Due

Wed Jul 15

[Watch] 20. Cameras and Lenses I

Thu Jul 16

[Watch] 21. Cameras and Lenses II

Fri Jul 17

[Watch] 22. Cameras and Lenses III

Sun Jul 19

Gradescope Checkpoint: Video Lectures 18-22

Project 3-1 Due

Checkpoints Due

Mon Jul 20

[Q&A] Gradescope Checkpoints Review

[Watch] 23. Color I

Tue Jul 21

[Watch] 24. Color II

Wed Jul 22

[Watch] 25. Intro to Animation

[Watch] 26. Intro to Simulation

Final Project released

Thu Jul 23

Disc 5B: Animation and Simulation |worksheet| |code|

[Watch] 27. Kinematics and Motion Capture

Fri Jul 24

Project 3-2 Due

Sun Jul 26

Gradescope Checkpoint: Video Lectures 23-27

Checkpoints due

Tue Jul 28

[Q&A] Exam Review and Open Q&A

Wed Jul 29


Exam released at 11 AM

Thu Jul 30

Exam due at 11 AM

Fri Jul 31

Final Project Proposals Due

Sun Aug 2

Project 4 Due

Tue Aug 11

[Lecture] 3D Reconstruction

Thu Aug 13

No Class

Fri Aug 14

Final Project Presentations

Final Project Deliverables Due