This page will be updated throughout the course with recommended readings. Students should also get acquainted with the course site's student handbook (#2) to learn about site features like writing comments, viewing assignments, and more. Lecture numbers may be incorrect for Summer 2020, but topics are correct.

Documentations on the Tools & Libraries

Here are the documentations on the tools and libraries we use commonly accross this course.

CGL Vectors Library

Introduction to C++

Lecture 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 2 & 3: Digital Drawing, Sampling, and Antialiasing

Lecture 4 & 5: Transforms

  • Shirley et al., Chapters 6, 7
  • Further Reading:

Lecture 6: Texture Mapping

Lecture 7: Rasterization Pipeline (+Visibility and Shading)

  • Shirley et al., Chapter 18, recall Chapter 8.1-8.3, Chapter 10.

Lecture 8, 9: Splines, Curves and Surfaces

  • Shirley et al., Chapter 15.

Lecture 10, 11: Geometry Processing (and Ray-Surface Intersection)

Lecture 13: Accelerating Ray-Surface Intersection

  • No assigned reading.
  • Further Reading:
    • Debugging Aggregates, Chapter 4.6 in PBRT. This may be helpful for debugging Assignment 3. Note: you should be able to access this book online while on campus with your Calnet login.
    • PBRT Chapters 4.3 - 4.4.

Lecture 14: Measuring Light: Radiometry and Photometry

Lecture 15: Monte Carlo Integration

  • Shirley et al., Chapter 14.
  • Further reading:
  • Monte Carlo Integration, Chapter 13 and 14.4 in PBRT.