In Spring 2020, the class of CS184 produced over 90 team projects. Teams had broad flexibility over 4 weeks to investigate a topic of their interest, and final projects ranged over topics that included rendering, simulation, geometric modeling and processing, computational imaging, and machine learning.

The projects below were selected as Showcase Winners and Honorable Mentions. Thanks to all the students for your hard work, and a special congratulations to the teams recognized below!

Projects are alphabetically listed.

Showcase Winners

Black Hole Raymarcher by Kenny Chen, Leonardo Tang, and Lawrence Zhao

Fluid Simulator by Sharie Wang, Shannon Hu, and Shubha Jagannatha

Interactive Hydraulic Erosion Simulator by Dylan Mcleod, Hanlin Chen, and Newman Hu

Position Based Fluid Simulation and Surface Rendering by Jiewen Lai, Yanda Li, and Kailun Wan

Realistic Real-time Rendering of Real Scenes using Ray-Tracing by Adam Chang, Leo Adberg, and Mitchell Chase

SnowSim by Zixi Cai, Xiaoyu Yang, and Chris Powers

Honorable Mentions

Fire Simulation and Rendering by Eric Ge, Debbie Liang, and Ziyao Zhang

Glint Rendering by Aidan De Angelis, Andrea Chisholm, and May Cui

Laser Interference by Borong Zhang, Marc Davis, and Xu Huang

Material-Based Glow Simulation of Heated Metal Objects by Ethan Buttimer, Jen Hoang, and Susan Lin

Rendering Iridescence Jason Li, Katherine Song,and Alex Yang

Watercolor Shader by Alexander Hong, Catherine Lu, and Connie Chen

Weathering with Moo: Simulating Building and Statue Weathering by Doreene Kang, Jaeyun Stella Seo, and Alvin Zhang