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Ren Ng

Your TAs

Varsha Ramakrishnan
(Head TA) Hello! I’m a senior EECS major interested in virtual and augmented reality. In my free time, I play Nintendo games (Zelda, FE, Mario), read sci-fi/fantasy novels (LotR/Silm), and draw terrible art. Enjoy CS184!
Cheng Cao
Hello! I'm Cheng (Bob), and I'm currently a second year CS major from Shanghai, interested in real-time rendering. I love playing games like Overwatch, StarCraft, and also games that have great visuals and technology.
Jessica Yeh
Hi there! I'm Jessica, and I'm a fourth year EECS major from San Mateo, CA. I love teaching CS, browsing the Trader Joe's snack aisle, and curating Spotify playlists. Hope you enjoy 184 :)
Seth Lu
Hi there! I'm a senior CS student interested in graphics-related things, as well as stuff like musical theater, baking, drawing, creative coding, hiking...
Gabby Delforge
Hey! I'm a senior CS major from San Jose interested in game development. In my free time, I like doodling, rock climbing, and of course, playing games - currently Age of Empires and Overwatch :)
Henry Sun
Fan of all things motion picture / animation, if you want to boast your clearly superior cinematic tastes or if you -actually- understand metamodernism, hit me up and we can be insufferable together. Also swims.
Randy Fan
Hi everyone! I’m a fourth year CS major from Dallas, Texas. I am interested in graphics programming and game development. Let’s have a great semester!
Eric Yao
Hi everyone! I'm a computer graphics PhD student with interests in digital fabrication and physical simulation. Along the way, I have made tables and chairs, :)
Karthik Gopalan
Hi! I am a fifth year graduate student in EECS. My advisors are Miki Lustig and Ana Arias. I work on MRI hardware but have developed an interest in graphics. I like to make art and ski in my free time.
Iris Li
Hi! I'm a senior CS undergrad. I enjoy Minecraft modding and 3D CAD Modeling.
Rishi Upadhyay
Hey! I'm a second year EECS major from the Bay Area. I'm interested in all things graphics but particularly AR and VR. Looking forward to a great semester!
Vivien Nguyen
Hi! I'm a 5th year MS student advised by Ren and interested in computational photography, graphics, vision, and cultural heritage. This is my 3rd time teaching 184! I'm also passionate about CS Ed and mental health.
Anup Hiremath
Hi everyone! I'm a third year EECS undergrad with interests in computational photography and astronomy. Looking forward to a fun semester!
John Xiang
hi i'm john