Lecture 10: Ray Tracing (27)

Ray tracing clearly takes a lot of computation. It's unimaginable to do this REAL-TIME. However, NVIDIA can now boast their RTX 2060 GPU which is capable of real-time ray tracing. https://analyticsindiamag.com/nvidias-real-time-ray-tracing-ai-powered-rtx-explained/


On the previous slide someone mentioned that companies run these RTX challenges to demonstrate power through photorealism. What sort of gap still exists between the quality of real-time tracing, and these challenges?


In this image, the plants almost seem overexposed as the light doesn't seem to fade at all in a realistic way. For example, nearly every blade of grass is highlighted, lending the image an unrealistic quality. I wonder if in addition to the enormous computation + time it takes for ray tracing of scenes such as this one, the fact that it somehow still looks like a computed image is another challenge. This is my problem with the graphics of a lot of video games, where they can almost be too detailed to a fault.


I feel like part of why it still looks unrealistic and too clean is because of the underlying geometry and light sources, as well as their reflective properties. Though there are 20 million triangles in the scene, we would probably need orders of magnitude more to approach a reasonable approximation of reality.

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