Lecture 11: Radiometry and Photometry (50)

I'm still confused.

Ok but what really is divided by area and steradians? Is an object A that is just as bright as object B but many times larger as radiantly intense but more illuminating? (I1 = I2, E1 > E2, L1 > L2)


These different units and terms make it difficult to understand. Good thing they at least share some terms.


@FLinesse That is totally possible. Suppose you have two light bulbs that are perfectly spherical and isotropic. Suppose they have the same power, but one of them is a larger sphere than the other one. As a result, their I would be the same, but the smaller one will have larger E and L.


I was wondering if there was any connection between the radiometry units and photometry units. It seems like there's some connection with the meaning behind it, but I'm not sure if there's a connection behind the math.

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