Lecture 14: Intro to Material Modeling (10)

It seems that with this material, our current system of terminating rays upon first intersection would be wrong. Once a path hits the edge of the glass, then we need to see how the thing that the glass is covering contributes to the light, so we need to draw a path through the glass to the thing that it is covering. Does anyone know how we can get around this with our current system?


Yes, in order to render this material properly we will need more than 1 bounce. This is why we use Russian roulette to determine when rays are terminated.


Can this also be considered as an anisotropic BRDF?


We should also consider subsurface scattering


Recently I am learning how to do basic shading on Maya and I figured out glassy textures like these need a long time to render since there are a lot of bounces for each ray.

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