Lecture 15: Advanced Topics in Material Modeling (39)

An interesting comparison and possible direction of further research: I've played both Final Fantasy XV and Death Stranding and I noticed a big difference in how differently they render faces.


Learned something absolutely hilarious and fascinating while researching to add meaningful comments here: 25% of the render time for Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within was spent on the main character's hair!! And I think it was well worth it, I remember always being obsessed with the feathery, light, dimensional coloring + appearance of every character's hair. [source: http://web.engr.oregonstate.edu/~mjb/cs519/Projects/Papers/HairRendering.pdf]


I'm wondering if the speaker was implying that all the hair was rendered real-time during game play, or if these are basically rendered textures that tacked on the avatars? I don't think you can render this massive detail during game play while getting like 30+ fps, or are the modern GPUs that powerful nowadays?


@bojinyao Real-time rendering of this hair to this level of detail is possible but very strenuous. For this particular game, the Windows Edition which implements NVIDIA's HairWorks (realistic wind interaction, general realism, etc of hair) sees around 20 fps drops when this feature is enabled according to forums. Though NVIDIA has since released a new set of more powerful gpu's so anything is possible.

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