Lecture 15: Advanced Topics in Material Modeling (41)



funnily enough, even the rendering as human hair seems just as realistic as the one rendered as animal fur, although being a different shade. Although not a perfect representation, you could probably use these techniques to innovate with unique visual designs


@kaipinryankoh Just looking at the previous slide where Zootopia characters had their furs models after human hairs, it almost seems like a design choice to anthropomorphize the animals and allow viewers to relate more to the characters who are clearly not human


maybe it's just the shading, but the human hair rendering (both here and on a previous slide) looks almost too glossy to me. It'd be interesting to see how many people would actually accept such renderings as-is as "realistic enough" to pass for a photo, vs. how many people would realize that they are computer-generated.


@chen-eric Really interesting point! It makes me think of the new movie The Call of the Wild where the dog is completely CGI, and clearly possesses human traits. The dog looks realistic enough... but something just feels off about it, and there's quite a bit of backlash from viewers about that. I wonder if they used the human hair rendering?

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