Lecture 16: Cameras and Lenses (15)

It's pretty interesting to analyze the comparison between the human eye and that of a camera lense. At first glance it looks like first person shooter games such as Call of Duty projects this type of display. I wonder if they incorporate other view mechanics.


For producing the fisheye effect, with the same focal length, there is less fisheye effect when using a bigger sensor. There are also different kinds of fisheye effect such as circular (the fancy ones we always see on social media), and also the full frame fisheye in this slide.

If you are interested in how the fisheye camera works check out https://www.nikonimgsupport.com/eu/BV_article?articleNo=000004835&lang=en_GB


Do our eyes generate an image in our brain as a camera generating an image with a normal focal length? Why do we sometimes feel that our eyes can see a broader view than the camera that we are holding? I assume that we can see an angle of 180 degrees from our eyes?

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