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Lecture 16: Cameras and Lenses (55)

I wonder if it would be possible to recover images from slow shutter speed to better ones by taking them in a row.


That's an interesting idea. To me, intuitively it feels difficult, since high quality images contain a lot of details that might not be captured in any of the low quality images. Although I'm guessing that the level of blurriness is a factor.


We can tie this concept back to the beginning of the course to the Nyquist frequency and the anitaliasing effects. If one has high shutter speed, but at a frequency that is lower or equal to the frequency motion, then we will capture some aliasing artifacts (e.g. helicopter blades stopped in motion). I believe for most cameras shutter speeds should only work in regular cases, or else we would need crazy shutter speeds to capture glass breaking, photon moving, etc.

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