Lecture 2: Sampling Triangles (57)

Although I think it's out-of-scope for what the class is teaching right now, I think the design choices companies make are usually quite interesting. Is there any reason behind the particular pixel layout in both phones? I believe red, blue, and green are used as pixel colors because they're the primary colors of light, but what determines the shade of color used for a pixel? In this image, it seems Apple uses a darker shade of red compared to Samsung's brighter shade; I wonder if there's an actual reason for it. Most phones also use OLED instead of LCD screens these days. Is there any difference in the pixel layout of an OLED that ends up being an advantage in displaying colors?


Great questions! I tried doing some preliminary research -- I think the different pixel layouts are related to propriety algorithms developed by each company. I'm not super sure about the "shades" of colors either -- they may just be individual decisions each company is making! It's hard to say too, the phones/photos seen here may not be calibrated in the same way. There are some differences in OLED vs LCD layouts, but the ideas are the same. They result in some differences in brightness, color representation, and power consumption: https://www.mvps.net/docs/what-are-the-main-differences-between-lcd-or-oled/

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