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Lecture 3: Sampling, Aliasing, Antialiasing (14)

For anyone interested in a cool example of shutter speed aliasing this video ( shows what happens when the shutter speed lines up perfectly with the rotation of a helicopter's (RIP Kobe) blades.


Adding on to @glenn2763's example, there's a really great video from another channel that explains in depth the effect of changing the shutter speed as well as some other quirks with video recording such as scrolling scans:


Gonna hop on this shutter speed thing and showcase a video that demonstrates effectively what Glenn has said, only it's a bird checking out the camera.

Really interesting how these things combine to create an effect we wouldn't normally be able to visualize. Also, it's a cute bird :)


Same here. Jumping on the shutter speed bandwagon addressing the phenomenon on the left. Why does the blade look curved? In fact, it stems from what @shadaj mentioned above, scrolling scans, see (, except at a less drastic rate. The blade moves just a tiny bit as the image is scanned, resulting in the curved blade.

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