Lecture 3: Sampling, Aliasing, Antialiasing (18)

Fun fact: In most modern video games (preferably on PC), you get to choose your own anti-aliasing setups! Well of course the real world is more complicated, there's SSAA, MSAA, FXAA etc. But they kind of all falls into the same idea introduced in the lecture - smooth filtering then sample! And usually they give you options as "2X 4X 8X anti-aliasing", which basically means how often would you like to sample. The higher the rate, the smoother the edges, and the more it slows down your game. Extra reading L> https://lifehacker.com/how-anti-aliasing-smooths-out-your-games-and-which-typ-1640944916


Cool! Here is a broad overview of commonly seen anti-aliasing methods seen in games. Brought to you by ya boi Linus (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDo5TKr6pyc).

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