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Lecture 3: Sampling, Aliasing, Antialiasing (53)

Would we have to Zero Pad the Signal to get the last two elements of the Result as to me that seems like the easiest way to get them but I don't know if it results in the correct values. Is there another way to get those last two elements?


I think that would work, although I think that also would introduce additional unintended frequencies. Like if you look back at the old sine wave examples a few slides ago, if you added 0s to the ends the overall function would not be a sine wave anymore. Another option would be to wrap around.


Great question @jshergill426! @liboan has a good answer, meaning wrapping. There are a lot of different methods to use, namely mirroring, constant padding (extending the border values), wrapping, etc. Zero-padding will induce vignetting / darkening of the borders due to inducing unnecessary 0 pixel values.

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