Lecture 8: Meshes and Geometry Processing (4)

The 3D scanning here and laser scanning on the previous slide are cool ways of modeling the real world into a point cloud on a computer. Using lasers to record changes in order to model an object reminds me of the similar technologies used in motion detecting and VR technologies. It is necessary to use similar methods to model movement in the real world and translate it into a virtual environment.


This reminds me of how the XBox Kinect traced motion. If you have an Infrared Camera, you could see each IR point being cast by the Kinect into your bedroom/ living room. It's actually a bit unsettling to the average Joe that doesn't consider how this technology actually works. It looks like a thousand lasers shooting at you at the same time.


Something interesting in the world of 3D scanning is photogrammetry which stitches together a model based on a series of images of something from various angles. A lot of museums seem to use this to categorize their collections.

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